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[SOLVED] QWindowsWindow::setGeometry - Unable to set geometry

  • Hi guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone experienced this error before.
    It happened when I was changing my UI.
    I tried to revert back but still got it, my App crashes with this error :

    @QWindowsWindow::setGeometry: Unable to set geometry 1920x400425+0+22 on QWidgetWindow/'MainWindowWindow'. Resulting geometry: 1920x65497+0+22 (frame: 8, 30, 8, 8, custom margin: 0, 0, 0, 0, minimum size: 1167x400425, maximum size: 16777215x16777215).
    createDIB: CreateDIBSection failed.
    QWaitCondition: Destroyed while threads are still waiting
    C:\Dropbox\build-PowerVelo2-Desktop_Qt_5_2_1_MSVC2012_32bit-Release\release\MaximumTrainer.exe exited with code 1@

    I also tried to do a manual "resize" and "move" on my QMainWindow on startup, without success
    Still investigating..


  • Weird.. must be something with the environment not working.
    Today on my laptop the same project is running fine.
    Will post later if I find what was the cause!

  • The project ran only 1 time, then the same thing happen, it's probably something related to QSettings that saves an incorrect value for QMainWindow.

    @void MainWindow::saveSettings() {

    QSettings settings("MaxPowerVelo", "PowerVelo");
    settings.setValue("size", size());
    settings.setValue("pos", pos());
    if (this->isMaximized()) {
        settings.setValue("maximized", true);
    else {
        settings.setValue("maximized", false);


  • Allright the error message was misleading.
    I modified the UI and forgot to set a global variable, then another UI was using that global variable that was not set.

    Watch out when using global variable is the lesson :)

    First Ui:
    @account = qApp->property("Account").value<Account*>(); = 1;@

    Second Ui:
    @account = qApp->property("Account").value<Account*>();
    if ( == 1)

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