Focus policy

  • I'm developing an application that should run on a tablet. We've some questions how the focus is managed in QML (Maliit is used as Input Method).

    Assuming that in an screen there are two TextField and a button. With the mouse, we could click the first TextField and it captures the focus (and the maliit keyboad is shown). We can change to the second TextField and the maliit keyboard is alredy shown.

    The problem comes with the button. If we press the button, it doesn't capture the focus (the maliit keyboard is not hidden), but the move from the second TestField to the button pressing the Tab key, the button gets the focus and the maliit keyboard is hide.

    Maybe this is the default behavior of QtQuick as it was oriented to smartphones and the keyboard takes all screen, but in a tablet, you could see several controls at once, and we expected that when user manipulates non editable control (like a button), the virtual keyboard should be hidden automatically.

    Are our assumptions wrong? How should be design the screens to match the focus policy of QtQuick?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Joaquim Duran

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