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-platform macx-g++40 ignored in configure

  • configure with g++42 fails with a long chain of errors.

    It works with g++40, but if I specify '-platform macx-g++40' in the configure line, it still uses macx-g++. Am I specifying something incorrectly?

    To work around, I've copied the macx-g++40 mkspec into macx-g++, so it always uses the 40 compiler.

    Thoughts appreciated.

  • This works for me:

    configure -platform macx-g++40

    And it starts creating qmake with

    Creating qmake. Please wait...
    g++-4.0 -c -o project.o -pipe ... project.cpp

    This works on a 10.5 and on a 10.6 machine.

    You might also consider adding

    -sdk /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk

    to the configure line, as gcc 4.2 is only available from OS X 10.5 an onwards and your programs cannot be deployed to 10.4 when compiled with gcc 4.2.

  • Interesting. doesn't work for me. I'm on OS X 10.6. I'm using xcode 3.2.5.

    Here's my config line:

    ./configure -platform macx-g++40 -carbon -universal -sdk /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk -prefix $DEVTOOLS/Qt-47-carbonu -debug-and-release -qt3support -sql-sqlite -plugin-sql-sqlite -platform macx-g++ -qt-zlib -qt-gif -qt-libtiff -qt-libpng -qt-libmng -qt-libjpeg -nomake examples -nomake demos -rpath

    When it fires up, it does g++ - no g++40.

  • I have the very same environment here.

    Do you use the source package of the Qt Framework libs or do you recompile a binary distribution? (I do the former)

  • I do a source pull from gitorious, set the branch to 47-stable.

    I wouldn't think that should matter in this regard....

  • It should be the same as the downloadable source package, right.

    If it still goes wrong, I would recommend to open a bug report on the "bug tracker":

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