CardView with model

  • Hi,

    is there a way to display a model (e.g. QStandardItemModel) in some sort of cardview like the task menu of WebOS? It should be a horizontal list and if I swipe to left or right the previous or next item of the model should be shown.

    Any ideas?


  • One approach would be to make a very simple QML component utilising a ListView element. Then you can embed this in either your QML scene or instantiate it using QDeclarativeView if you are using a widget based UI.

  • Thank you for your reply.
    I am not sure if I understand this correctly but a ListView scrolls vertically as far as I know.

    The image below shows the card views of WebOS. Each card should be based on a simple qml file but with different content (from the model)


  • You can set a ListView to horizontal.

    ListView {
    id: myList
    orientation: Horizontal

    WIth a suitable delegate that should get the effect you are after.

  • Thank you very much. Sounds good.

  • Another option is a PathView but that is more appropriate when you want something other than linear motion of the items.

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