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QStringLiteral between qt4 and qt5

  • Hello everyone!
    I have a question for you qt coder.
    I am curently working on a qt widget, and I am developing it in two different os (ubuntu and fedora).
    Ubuntu runs on qt5 and fedora on qt4.
    I am trying to make the compilation on both os as smooth as possible.
    So far I was able to achive that by using a couple of macro and variables like
    #if (QT_VERSION < QT_VERSION_CHECK(5 ,0 ,0))
    Now qt 5 put in my ui_mainwindow.h the QStringLiteral which is new in qt5. Googling aroung I saw that if the compiler doesnt support c++ 11 the macro will fall back to QString::fromtUtf8.
    My question is whats the best way to maintain backward compatibility?
    Just replacing all QStringLiteral with QString::fromUtf8 or maybe try with a :
    #define QStringLiteral QString::fromUtf8??
    What you think is best?



  • Alright found the solution.
    Modifying the ui_mainwindow.h is not actually a solution since as the warning (** WARNING! All changes made in this file will be lost when recompiling UI file!) says all my changes will be trow away.
    So in the end this is not really a problem for the build since once that file is rebuild with qt4 the QStringLiteral wont be used.
    But I was not able to force UIC to run and rebuild the ui_mainwindow.h file so I had to disable shadow build in the project settings and looks like it fixed the problem

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