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[Solved] What QT Creator to use and download

  • Hi, I'm using a windows 8 64 bit OS on my laptop. I have a project in which I need to make changes on a existing application that was created on a lower version of QT (QT 4.x.x). When I tried to download the suggested QT 5.3.1 open source from this site I noticed that it will use the MINGW 4.8.2 (32 bit) component. Would there be any problems if I use this component since I'm using a 64 bit Windows OS? Newbie here TIA :)

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    Nope, you can use a 32-bit compiler on a 64-bit system no problem.

    The 2nd part could be a problem though. Qt 5 and 4 are not necessarily compatible. Building Qt4 code on Qt5 is almost guaranteed not to work.

    You can get any version of Qt Creator, but you will need to get Qt4 to build with. You can change/add/remove Qt instances you have that Qt Creator will pick up and use, so that shouldn't be a problem at all.

  • thanks @ambershark. I'll try this 5.3.1 first. I saw a blog porting of QT 4 to QT 5 this should help me. if I should encounter any problems I'll post it here thanks again.

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    It shouldn't be too bad. I've ported a lot of Qt4 -> 5, but I've been using Qt for a long time now (since v3) so it may not be as easy as I think, lol.

    Porting 4->5 was super easy compared to 3->4. 3->4 was awful because so much of Qt had been redesigned. In fact there used to be Qt3 legacy support in Qt4 just to help with the ports.

    Anyway, shouldn't be too bad, once big thing that will catch you on gui projects is needing to have widgets defined, i.e.

    QT += gui widgets

    Previously it would just be 'gui' and that has been separated out in Qt5.

    Anyway, here is a great "link": to major things that need to be realized to port.

  • Thanks for the support will try it now :)

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