Building against ICU in debug and release

  • I am trying to build Qt with ICU (so I can use webkit), I have built both a debug and release version of ICU libraries
    but the problem is, Qt uses the release ICU libraries even in the debug build

    this is how I configure Qt:
    configure {other options here} -icu -I {debug include path} -L {debug lib path} -I {release include path} -L {release lib path}

    One thing I tried to do was to perform two separate builds of Qt, one that builds only release libraries (-release configure option)
    and a build that only builds debug libraries (-debug configure option).
    But got stuck here as the debug build would also perform a release build if I used the -debug configure option.

    How can I get a debug build building against debug ICU and the release build building against release ICU?

  • I worked it out, if I add -debug or -release to my make command then I can just do two separate builds of qt. One for debug which uses debug ICU and another build for release which uses release ICU

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