How to switch on and off tab pages in runtime

  • Hi, all!

    in my application I have a tabWidget with some tabs, created in qtcreator. In a settings dialog the user can select the tabs he wants to be visible in various situations. I write this values with QSettings and read them each time, when the application starts. To remove the tabs is not such a big task with, for example


    but I fail when I try to add this tab in another situation...

    I tried first to store the removed tab in a QWidget and after that to add this widget to the parent tab, but nothing happened, so obviously I did something wrong...

    @ QWidget *removedTab = ui->tab_Dimensions; // store the tab that will be removed
    ui->tabWidget_ItemDetails->removeTab(3); // remove the tab
    ui->tabWidget->addTab(removedTab,"TestWidget"); // here I try to add the tab...@

    Can someone show me the right direction to solve this task?

    thanks in advance,

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