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  • Hello, I'm new to QML start a week before, now I have a problem, with connection between many QML files, Best way to explane it is, imagine the week of the day, every day is in another file. And i have a navigation arrows at top,
    Im trying to swipe from monday till sunday and back if i want, i hope you got what i mean, and i will really be greathfull if someone who is more familiar help me, Thank you for your time, have a nice day

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    Go to Qt Assistant and look for QML Tutorial 2 - QML Components. This will surely help you.

    It is similar to the following.
    // Main.QML
    Rectangle {
    id : top

    Week {
    id : week


    MouseArea {




  • If I were you, I would have a look to "ListView" to easily have a swipe (see orientation to have a vertical view).

    Set the property model to 7.

    Now, use Loader to choose the correct Qml component according to the index.

    It should be something like this :
    @ListView {
    Component {
    id: dayLoader;
    Loader {
    source: {
    if(index==0) return "MondayView.qml";
    if(index==1) return "TuesdayView.qml";
    model : 7;
    delegate : dayLoader;

    I hope it helps...

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