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Adventure Game Engine: reports

  • Today I started a point and click adventure game engine for a future game. I like Qt and i'm hopeful with QML, then tried do it with QML.

    Then i discovered: MouseAreas are only retangular, and a point and click game need irregular mouseareas.
    Then i think: "i can get the position of click and compare with color of a pixel in a chroma key".
    But i can't get the color of a pixel on a image in QML.

    Tomorrow i come back to Graphic Framework.

    Sadly for some games QML is not ready.

  • You do realize that you can combine QML with C++, don't you?

  • yes, but if i need do all mouse input in C++ i need do all draw with in C++ too. (if exists a way t get mouse input of a qml elementet in C++ tell me. I don't find one yesterday, only mouse global coordinates)
    So, i will use qml for what?

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