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Enable paintEvent even when window is minimized?

  • I am writing an application that send QWebView\s updated image to other computer, So whenever paintEvent is triggered, I will send one frame. But when the window is minimized, no one calls the paintEvent(), I understand for the windows point of view, it is none sense to call paintEvent(), if it is not visible to the screen. But for me, it is very usefull, is there way to do it, at least tell me whenever there is some pixels that has been changed.

    For example, there is a flash in the qwebview which update 30 fps, while it is minimized, it is updating anyway, I need to know when it happens.

    I thought about using timer to send image in a regular basis, while I feel that it is too wastful when there is no update at all, because in my application I may send quite number of webpage at same time.

    Thanks for any advice.

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