Deploying on Android device - to deploy or not to deploy

  • Hello,

    I'm playing around with Qt and Android, but regularly encounter issues when deploying to my smartphone:
    when I press Ctrl+R to build and deploy, I get the Select Android Device window, select the device and continue.
    Now the issue is that compilation often blocks at the Deploy step, and will stay there for minutes (or even longer, I usually cancel after 5 minutes or so at most). Some other times (same code, sometimes after a clean/QMake/build) it does work properly (Deploy step takes at most 30s).
    Also, when I have to cancel deployment, the next time I compile will display my device as incompatible, and I have to unplug it and plug it again so it appears as compatible.

    Anyone else running into such issues, and any tips/solutions to make deployment more reliable?


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