[Solved] Read all files inside a resources directory in and load them to a list model in QML

  • Hi,

    I have a folder in my resources directory that has about 800 images. I have written a grid view to display them inside my QML interface. However, I was looking for a way to automate the process of creating the ListModel used in the Grid View.

    For example, in C++ I could use a loop to load all files and add them to a QList. However, I am clueless about how to do something similar in QML.

    So my question would be: Is there a way to scan trough a directory and add all the files inside it to a ListModel in QML?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please look at ListModel documentation and see the methods called insert(...) or set(...). or append(..). They will help you do what you are looking for.

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    If you are familiar with C++ models, id say stick with it. It would more effective and fast.

  • Hi,

    I have searched for many solutions (including the one proposed by Dheerendra). However, most of them worked only while using local files (not resource files inside the binary program).

    Finally, I came up with a very easy solution:

    C++ code (in main.cpp or where you load the QML interface):

    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    // Initialization code here (& other tasks)
    QApplication app(argc, argv);

    // Create a QDir that points out to your path in the resources folder
    QDir directory(":/my_qrc_images_prefix/");
    // Load all files with the *.PNG extension
    // (you can modify this to suit your needs.
    QStringList imagesList = directory.entryList(QStringList("*.png"));
    // Now load the QML interface (at least I do it in this way)
    QQmlEngine* engine = new QQmlEngine();
    QQmlComponent* component = new QQmlComponent(engine);
    // Allow the QML interface to access the imagesList as a list model
    // Load the window and execute the app
    QQuickWindow* window = qobject_cast<QQuickWindow*>(component->create());
    return app.exec&#40;&#41;;


    QML code

    import QtQuick 1.0

    // Create the root item
    Item {

     // Set the size of the item
     width: 200
     height: 250
     // Create the list view with the images
     ListView {
         anchors.fill: parent
         // We use as a model with QStringList used 
         // in the initialization of the QML interface.
         model: imageModel
         // Represent the data of the model in an image
         delegate: Image {
              // Load the image (modelData represents the current image)
              // Note that in my case I needed to add the full path 
              // of the image in order to make it work.
              source: "qrc:/my_qrc_images_prefix/" + modelData


    So, in summary you basically you create a QList in C++ and load it in the QML interface. However, the QList is based on a data that the QDir class gives to us. However, its important to only use ":/" instead of "qrc:/" while working with QDir. This implementation can be modified to load local files (using the "file://" prefix in the QML image).

    Thanks to all who helped me solve this problem!

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