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Unable to build release version

  • Hi all,

    I have been working on a project since last couple of months which is a windows only project.

    The tools I am using are - QTCreator, QT v 4.7 and MSVC2010 compiler toolchain.

    All of a sudden I faced a strange issue. My project used to build and run properly in both debug and release modes. However, when I just attempted to build the release version after a good makeover, it failed. The build process however completes successfully without any error but it generates no output. i.e. the release folder remains empty after the build.

    This is strange because nothing has changed in my QT Configuration and other environmental variables on my machine and the problem appeared all of a sudden.

    Cleaning the project and removing all the files except the source and project files didn't help either. I am using SQL module in my application to connect to SQLite database.

    Any help or suggestions regarding the build process would greatly help.

  • I had a similar issue, when building release, I was in a specific folder whose name contained release and I hit that bug :
    Might be your case as well ?

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