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Qt Quick 2.2 application

  • Hi,
    I developed a simple qml application on my linux system (just to understand us, an "Hello Word" app).
    Then I copied my exe on my target system (in which are installed the same qt libraries on my dev pc) and I saw this error:

    QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
    qrc:///main.qml:1 module "QtQuick" is not installed
    qrc:///main.qml:2 module "QtQuick.Window" is not installed

    Someone can hel me?

  • You may need to read and understand the stuff at , especially the later sections on application dependencies and Qt plugins.

    Alternatively if you're using a version of Qt which is "standard" for a distro (for example Qt 4.8 on Debian Wheezy) then the simplest option may be to use the platforms' own package management systems (for example on Debian I create .debs declaring a dependency on the appropriate qt packages and it Just Works, with dpkg/apt/aptitude ensuring any needed dependencies are installed in the right place).

    Copying .exes around isn't really recommended; the link above will get you a bit closer to being able to do that with static linking, but that still doesn't help with plugins.

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    There's a good blog post that explains what's going on: (Scroll down to "Linux" for instructions)

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