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[Moved] qmake not generating object files

  • Hello all,

    I'm got a project that contains a folder called src/ and inside src/ is a src.pri file that adds all the files in src/ to the appropriate HEADERS and SOURCES qmake variables. it works for that project, but what I'm trying to do is create an example folder, (ie, projectroot/examples/ ) and create another project that uses the source from the parent project.

    I use include(../../src/src.pri) and everything seems to build correctly until it starts to link. It can't find the object files. i have my OBJECTS_DIR variable set to tmp/obj , but the only files that end up inside it are moc_* files. my examples .pro file looks exactly like my root project's .pro file except i've changed the relative path's as needed (for example, RESOURCES = ../../resources/resources.qrc )

    can any offer me any advice on how to fix this?

  • after a few hours, i finally found the my error. my .pri file was correct.

    example .pri file
    SOURCES += source1.cpp
    source3.cpp should have something in it like this but i forgot the '+'
    SOURCES += example1.cpp

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