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Trouble with toCurrencyString method

  • Hi everyone, i have a trouble with toCurrencyString method. I already set the country and language (Spanish, Paraguay), and i want to display a certain amount of money on a tableWidget and certain labels, the thing is that it shows the correct currency symbol and decimals acording to my country, but with a little number (i guess it calls power on maths in english) that i dont know why, but its there, any ideas of how can i get rid of it?

    The code its as the example suggests :

    @setLocale(QLocale(QLocale::Spanish, QLocale::Paraguay));@

    and to set the amount :


  • And you are sure the getPrecio doesn't give extra characters except the value you need? Maybe test that piece without that call and using fixed value. What happens with this:
    QLocale locale (QLocale::Spanish, QLocale::Panama);

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    welcome to devnet. I see issue with Spanish locale. I tried with US and India and is fine. This may be something to do with Spanish local precision settings.

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