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  • Hey, I installed static Qt 5.3.1, but now I don't know how to use it... I added in .pro file config += static and then in designer ran release, but it still asking me for .dll files...

    Also if I am informed right, statically build Qt should have only .exe file... I can not find that file anywhere... I have only Qt 5.3.1 which was installed with Qt installer before I did static build...

    I need instructions how to make my application standalone, without asking me for .dll files... I am using MSVC as compiler...

    I found these instructiosn but I don't really understand them... I added CONFIG += static and ran qmake in QtCreator and no idea where and how to make nmake, cd release...

    Build a static application

    Modify the .pro file of the project by adding an option for static linking.
    CONFIG += static

    Using Microsoft Tools
    To build the Qt project as a standalone executable file run qmake and nmake. After that you should execute mt.exe to embed a manifest inside the application to avoid error such as missing MSVCP90.dll when the application is started on other computers.

    nmake release
    cd release
    mt.exe -manifest Hello.exe.manifest -outputresource: Hello.exe;1

  • Maybe I did something wrong at building static as well... Here are my steps...

    1. Download Qt source, Install Qt with installer
    2. Extract source to C:\Qt\Static
    3. Open visual studio cmd
    4. Cd to extracted source (C:\Qt\Static\Qt5.3.1)
    5. configure.bat -static -opensource -no-opengl -no-angle -audio-backend -nomake tests -nomake examples
    6. Run jom
    7. Install Visual Studio Add in for Qt5

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