[SOLVED] how to create an instance of a class from a lib

  • Dear friends,
    I'm trying to create an instance of a class into the main.cpp but without success.
    here you have some piece of my code

    • main.cpp
      atpGuiMainWindow win = new atpGuiMainWindow;
      give error
      /home/andrei/Qt5.3.0/5.3/gcc_64/include/QtWidgets/qmainwindow.h:204: error: 'QMainWindow::QMainWindow(const QMainWindow&)' is private

    now I find anther aproch but this time not so much changed...
    typedef atpGuiMainWindow(*MainWindowHandler)();
    MainWindowHandler win = (MainWindowHandler());

    but this dows not allow for
    /home/andrei/myQt/drawElectricity/main/main.cpp:72: error: request for member 'show' in '* win', which is of non-class type 'atpGuiMainWindow()'
    without this the code is working - but no gui :))
    operation succesfull - client dead :))
    any help much apreciated
    please note that the atpGuiMainWindow is in a library and I call it from library

  • I've just realised that I had few virtual function there that supose not to be... now is working

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