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Using QVariant value on QMetaObject::invokeMethod

  • Hello!

    I would like to dynamically call a method using invokeMethod and also have the parameters passed in dynamically.
    The solution I've found looks pretty much like this:

    void COperation::execute(QObject* Obj, const char* InvokableMethod, QVariant Var)
    QGenericArgument Argument;

    if (Var.isValid())
    Argument = QGenericArgument(Var.typeName(), Var.data());

    QMetaObject::invokeMethod(Obj, InvokableMethod, Argument);

    The solution is working but there is one thing that worries me: The Qt docs say that QGenericArgument is an internal helper class that should not be used directly but only by calling Q_ARG ("QGenericArgument":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qgenericargument.html#details). However, I don't see how to turn a QVariant into a QGenericArgument instance using Q_ARG. So I ended up using the QGenericArgument constructor.

    Now my question is whether this is a legitimate solution or if it is critical to bypass the Q_ARG macro?
    Any hints or alternatives would would be appreciated.


  • If it's internal, it means it may change.
    You can use it but no garantuee that it will work with the next release.
    But I think it will work, due to one fact:

    Q_ARG is not an interbal macro. And QArg will use some of those constructors :-)

  • Are you sure the code above is what you actually do? Because it seems you never actually use the Argument variable you initialized. I would have expected this to appear on line 10:

    QMetaObject::invokeMethod(Obj, InvokableMethod, Argument);

  • Thanks Andre,

    you are actually right. I just tried to strip off all unnecessary code for this example and this how the mistake came in. Sorry.
    Note: I now updated my first post.

  • @marcomeinhardt : Your code is correct. There are no other solution for this case. I'v been used this solution in my project and works finely.

    You can take a look into Qt's source code. And you find that Qt use same mechanism for QGenericArgument creation.

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