Howto: Create a fold-able side panel

  • I wish to create a fold-able side panel like Outlook 2010 has.

    1. A Widget Container in its normal form almost looks like a DockWidget
    2. When folded /slide out one sees a label which has status on it. So a very thin status widget.
    3. When pressing that label the original widget floats over the existing GUI.

    I tried to start with a widget with a horizontal layout with the normal widget and a vertical label. But than the folding/resizing seems to fail.

    Has anyone an idea how to design/construct this?



  • Qt Champions 2017

    I have done this using simple x,y w.r.t parent widget. I have used two widgets(small one and big one). I have calculated the x,y position of the small and folded widget. I do hide() and show() based on the user action. It would difficult to do using the Layout.

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