[SOLVED] Qt 5.3.1 broken on Windows

  • Windows Qt 5.3.1 that I downloaded with the online installer seems broken. qmake -v shows me this:

    bq. QMake version 3.0
    Using Qt version 5.3.1 in c:/work/build/PADDING/lib

    Where "c:/work/build/PADDING/lib" is NOT my QTDIR, it must be hardcoded somewhere in the qmake. Subsequently, qmake -tp vc -r call fails:

    bq. Could not find qmake configuration file win32-msvc2013.

    I assume it's because it thinks Qt is installed to that non-existent hardcoded path.

  • Qt Creator says this Qt version is not properly installed.

    Update: it's updating from 5.3.0 that causes trouble. Removing Qt 5.3 altogether and installing it from scratch solved the issue.

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