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ListView require items from model at back order

  • Hello All!
    I have a some model, and when i connect it to ListView (QML Element), this ListView start request indexes from the last row at model.
    Any ideas why is that?

  • How do you mean "start requests indexes from last row at model."?

    One of the things I can think of is:
    @verticalLayoutDirection: ListView.BottomToTop@

    How did you implement your model?

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    This should not be the case with normal ListView to Model. Some settings like the ListView.BottomToTop must be making this. You can try with simple example. May be you look at simple example given in the Qt Assistant. After this you can compare with your example.

  • Tnx All 4 answers!!!

    Model contains sorted list of items. I check once again model and made sure so order in list is correct. When I add to ListView delegate based at Loader and set property "asynchronous: true" i seen so items start showing from the end of model list.

    list view is more then standard:
    @ListView {
    anchors.margins: 8
    anchors {
    top: header.bottom
    left: parent.left
    right: parent.right
    bottom: parent.bottom
    clip: true
    model: myModel
    delegate: myDelegate

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