Scene/graphics view keeps putting my items in center

  • ok, I bet this one probably has a very easy solution; I have a scene and a graphicsView which my scene uses. It all works well, except:
    When I draw anything on it (I have connecting points on mouse click, basically something like making a multiline) it tends to put it in the middle of view/scene - this stops once when I reach graphicsView boundries (when it can no longer fit it inside the screen without scrolling).

    This is especially annoying at the start, when the scene is empty - for example I put a point on the left corner on the screen - it puts it in the middle.

    Additional information:
    I have tried @scene->setStickyFocus(false);@ but I guess that's not it since it keeps doing it anyway.
    setSceneRect prevents this at the cost of scrollbars (I need those).

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    I suspect you are not mapping the coordinates, and the default are (0, 0).

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