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PySide: QWebPage.isModified() is out of sync

  • I'm trying to detect form GET/POST in a QWebView. here's a working sample:

    @from PySide.QtGui import QMainWindow, QLineEdit, QLabel, QVBoxLayout, QGridLayout, QApplication, QWidget
    from PySide.QtCore import QUrl
    from PySide.QtWebKit import QWebView
    import sys

    class Window(QMainWindow):
    def init(self, parent=None):
    super(Window, self).init(parent)
    layout = QVBoxLayout()
    self.browser = QWebView()
    self.form_layout = QGridLayout()
    layout_widget = QWidget()

    def _printFormParams(self):
    page =
    frame = page.mainFrame()
    url = frame.url()
    if page.isModified():
    form = frame.findFirstElement("form")
    if not form.isNull(): # there's a form that might have been populated
    texts = form.findAll("input[type='text']")
    radios = form.findAll("input[type='radio']")
    selects = form.findAll("select")
    checkboxes = form.findAll("input[type='checkbox']")
    collections = [texts, radios, selects, checkboxes]
    for col in collections:
    for elem in col:
    print "Name: {}, Value: {}".format(elem.attribute("name"), elem.attribute("value"))
    So I'm trying to detect the form changes when the user navigates away from it, in the page's loadStarted handler.
    Here's the problem: the web view opens up to I type a query in the box (say foo) and hit enter. the isModified() call in line 25 doesn't succeed. Then I type another query (say bar) and hit enter. now, the isModified() call succeeds, and it prints "Name: q, Value: foo", which is the previous query.
    If I continue to type queries, the pattern continues and I'm out of sync by one step.
    Am I doing something wrong here?.

  • You may notice from the example that the forms I care to detect are not mine.

    Here's another couple of ways I tried to do the same thing (catching forms):
    1- Attach onsubmit javascript handler on the form (this doesn't respond at all):
    @def _integrateForms(self, ok):

    this is the page's loadFinished handler

    if ok:
      page =
      frame = page.mainFrame()
      frame.addToJavaScriptWindowObject("reporter", self)
      form = frame.findFirstElement("form")
      form_onsubmit = form.attribute("onsubmit")
      new_onsubmit = "reporter.submitPerformed(this.elements);" + form_onsubmit
      form.setAttribute("onsubmit", new_onsubmit)

    def submitPerformed(self, values):
    print values@

    2- Evaluate javascript on the form on the page's loadStarted event:
    @def loadStartedHandler(self):
    page =
    frame = page.mainFrame()
    form = frame.findFirstElement("form")
    values = form.evaluateJavaScript("""
    var ret = {};
    var unwanted_inputs = ["submit"];
    for (var i = 0; i < this.length; ++i) {
    elem = this.elements[i];
    // do not include hidden elements neither submit buttons
    if ( elem.offsetParent !== null && unwanted_inputs.indexOf(elem.type) === -1 )
    ret[] = elem.value;
    print "Values: {}".format(values)@
    This last one seems to work, with some extra outputs.

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