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[SOLVED] system() space in path

  • Hello, I have problem executing command using system()... It works fine when I write path without space

    @system("start E://blabla//app.exe")@

    but does not work when I have space in path, and it gives me error "Windows can't find E:/some. Make sure you typed name correctly...

    @system("start E://some folder//app.exe")@

    How can I avoid problems with space? And another question, how can I disable command line to popup? I want it to be hidden...

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    Try escape sequences like " system("start C:/Qt/pthinks/bins/"Dheeru bins"/HMIApp.exe");

    Please note that entire directory called "Dheeru bins". It has blank space. You need to include entire directory in string with escape sequence as suggested above.

  • It works, thank you... Maybe know how to make command line not to popup?

  • I will use powershell instead... Solved

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