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[SOLVED] Pagestack alternative for Windows/Linux program : Menu navigation with corresponding toolbar ?

  • Hi,

    I am designing a large fullscreen touch application for windows/linux,
    and I'm looking for an elegant solution :

    I have a main 'front screen' with a top information bar and a bottom button bar
    I want to implement a menu system with several levels and custom editing forms.
    When going deeper, the toolbar should adjust according to the context.
    depth of menu example : front screen -> main menu -> diagnostics -> motor settings -> alignment

    I found the PageStack component, very interesting, but this seems to be for Symbian only.

    Is there an alternative component or approach recommended, to implement a navigation/menu structure
    for Windows/Linux, in an elegant way ?


  • I found stackview, and try to use this now, it seems suitable :

  • OK, stackview seems to work.
    I can load qml frames onto the stack.
    I now include a button bar in each frame, this has all context information.
    to close a frame simply stackview.pop().
    This is what i will use, case closed.

    Any better ideas still welcome.

  • You've found it. StackView is the Qt5 version of PageStack.

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