QtCreator 3.1.1 doesn't show OUTPUT application on linux

  • Hi,
    on archlinux with the distribution package it doesn't show the output (compile with gcc 4.9.0 64 bits on Qt5.3) so i downloaded the package directly from the site (Qt5.2.1 gcc 4.6.1 64bits).
    I m on linux and everything works if i launch application in terminal but on QtCreator it doesn't show anything (qDebub()<<"ok" works on terminal not on QtCreator OUTPUT).
    Am i alone to have this ? How to fix it ?

  • Please, see bugreport here: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/40583?dev=4209. The issue was closed.

    Installing qtcreator 3.1.2-3 helps me to resolve same problem. Hope it will help you too.

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