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KDE Conference @ Bangalore rocks !

  • Just attended the 1st day of the KDE conference and got to hear awesome speakers and some kool presentations that I really liked

    1. Great intro to Qt by Prashant, founder and head of "VCreateLogic": and I really liked their short VTK demo.
    2. Captivating presentation on KDE e.V. - Supporting the Community by "Adriaan de Groot":, VP of "KDE e.V.":
    3. Overview of whats coming with Qt Open Governance by Knut Yrvin, Open Source Community Manager, Qt, Nokia

    And to top it all, and hearing about Knut's break dance skills, the conference delegates did not allow him to leave the stage without repeating his break dance performance act as seen "here": ... I have today's video recording but the lighting was bad on stage. Anyways will check if its ok with him and then post it here :)

    wow what a day! and thanks to "KDE IN": for organizing this conf. Great going guys !!!

    Looking fwd to day 2!

    Edit: Moved to The Lounge because it is interesting for more people; Andre

  • I asked Knut to hold a DevDays in Bangalore, and looking at the full hall, Knut said he will think about it !

    Yay !!

  • Thanks Andre ..

    I'll see if I can get hold of some presentations and publish here

  • I am one of the attendee at KDE conf Bangalore. It really rocks. Prashant did really great job as a VcreateLogic. Great to have you guys rocking around the Qt.

  • Great drive and achievement by the organizers and Pradeep who never stepped back! Very inspirational

  • Looks like you guys had a great conference! I'll be sure to get all the details from Knut when he's back in the office here.

    Now if I can only convince my boss to let me go to India next time... Gurudutt, the (singular) developer on the devnet team, is from India and I must say the more I learn about India the more I want to visit. It's clearly a very special (and huge!) country and no soul would be complete without a visit there.

  • yes marius you must come here. and if you visit southern part of India, i'll be your travel guide. keep a few days extra to see around! you won't be disappointed ! Lots of great places close to Bangalore

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