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[Solved] update the view

  • hello
    i have a qtableview witch display data from a database table by using qsqltablemodel when clicked on a row of this tableview another window open in this window i have a button when clicked this button the data of the database table is update when i close the window after updating i found that the view was not update i want that the view update
    please help me

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    Have you tried to call "select()":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qsqltablemodel.html#select on the model to update the view?

    Btw. Please use punctuation and capital letters where needed. It's really hard to read like that.

  • thank you chris kawa

    Sorry for my bad English
    so i have atable in may database called patient this
    i used qsqltable model like this
    ui.tableview.setmodal(true);@ to view the modal and every thing is going good
    iused the slot on table view clicked when users click on it a window open in this window i have a button that when user click on it the data of a spesific row of the table patient will be update
    when i close this window after updating i found that information don't update in the previous qtable view

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    Yes, try to call model.select() again, after you come back from the dialog.

    I didn't mean your english, I'm not a native speaker either. I meant separate your sentences with punctuation: ,.:; etc.

  • ok thank you
    but i don't understand how can i call it after i come back from th dialog
    Especially where?

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    There are couple of ways. For example in the closeEvent of your dialog you can emit a custom signal. connect() the select() slot of the model to that signal and you're done.

  • @void consultation::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *)

    // initialisation des cocher bilan
    QSqlQuery requete;
    requete.exec("UPDATE dictionnairebilan SET varplus=''");

    afficherRDV r;


    void afficherRDV::on_pushButton_2_clicked()

    // renouvelement de l'affichage normalement radha fonction
     QString numDP,nomPrenomDP;
      nomPrenomDP= ui->nomRchercherP ->text();
        if(numDP == "" && nomPrenomDP == "")
        QSqlQueryModel*model=new QSqlQueryModel();
        QSqlQuery *rr=new QSqlQuery();
        rr->exec("SELECT * FROM patient ");
        qDebug()<< "you are in the first part hhhh";
        else if( nomPrenomDP!=""  )
            const QString str1=ui->nomRchercherP->text();
            qDebug()<<str1<<"you are in the second part";
        else if( numDP!="")
            const QString str2=ui->nRechercherDP->text();
            qDebug()<<str2<<"you are in te third part";

    @ but it still the same broblem

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    This code doesn't look right.
    [quote author="yakine" date="1402765677"]r.ui->pushButton_2->clicked(true);[/quote]
    That's not how you emit a signal.

    Assuming you've got class SomeClass that has the model as member myModel and a second window SomeWidget as a member someWidget:

    Define a custom signal in the SomeWidget class and emit it from the close event:
    SomeWidget {
    void myCustomSignal();
    void closeEvent(QCloseEvent* evt) {
    emit myCustomSignal();
    In your SomeClass connect that signal to the model select() slot somewhere eg. in the constructor:
    SomeClass::SomeClass() {
    connect(someWidget, &SomeWidget::myCustomSignal, myModel, &QSqlTableModel::select);

  • thank you and sorry Chris kawa

    the problem it solved thank you again

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