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[Solved] qt 5.3 ( qt creator 3.1.1 ) with ubuntu 14.04 LTS, no auto-detect of gcc.

  • I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my laptop and then installed the latest Qt ( 5.3 with Creator 3.1.1). Qt will not auto detect gcc, nor can I set it up manually using tools/options/Build and Run/compilers. Gcc is definitely on my computer - I can see it in the /usr/bin directory, and I can compile and run a simple hello-world program from a terminal, but Qt will not recognise it. What am I missing ?

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    The C compiler is installed by default on Ubuntu, but the C++ compiler is not.

    Install g++ from your package manager.

  • Thanks, you´re right, I remembered that right after I posted the above and loaded g++.

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