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Please let me know why?

  • does anybody have the same feel,the Qt is very interest and easy to know.But is very hard to deploy the application,becauce the there many lib need to copy and they are very big.why the Qt team do not to slove this problem?

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    There are many libraries and they are big because Qt is a very large and powerful framework.

    The Qt team provides tools to make deployment easier. Search for macdeployqt, windeployqt, and androiddeployqt.

    Another way to quickly find the libraries you need is described here:

  • Its a big framework. A simple gui app need QtCore and QtGui. 10MB in total.

  • Hi,

    I think , you r suggesting that there should be option for creating a setup in which all the dlls and exe files merged . whenever any body want to run application. I should be first of all install in the system as happens in windows.

    then i think such task become more time taking. where as now we just copy some files and paste with the exes . In my opinion, it is easy approach rather than setup concept. that is solved.

  • Dear All,

    Also please not that we need to use the .dlls in release mode. In debug mode the size of dlls is huge.

    I remember that in one of my project i used NSIS script for writing the installer. At that time i used QT 4.73.

    Also in QT 5+ "platforms" folder is mandatory, which is not in case of QT 4+ if we directly copy the exe and supporting libs to another machine.


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