QtQuick.LocalStorage Problem (BUG ?) on Android

  • I have a QML file called SSS.qml defined as a singleton (via pragma Singleton and a corresponding qmldir file) that uses QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0 and it's used in another QML file called XXX.qml. The app runs perfectly as a windows desktop application but generates the following message when deployed to Android.
    module "QtQuick.LocalStorage" plugin "qmllocalstorageplugin" not found

    I don't know if it's relevant, but there are qmllocalstorageplugin.dll files available for windows apps but there's no qmllocalstorageplugin.so for Android apps.

    When I change SSS.qml to a "regular" (i.e., non-singleton) type and change XXX.qml appropriately, the app runs when deployed to Android.

    Is this a Qt bug or do I need to do something special (e.g., in my .pro file)?

  • I'm having the same problem here. No idea how to solve this

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