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Qt 5 SDK and Qt Simulator ?

  • Hi,
    i want to try the Qt Simulator on Linux 32.
    Most getting started instructions refer to:
    "Download QT5 SDK Installer for Linux":
    But i can not get on this website and i do not know i need Nokia SDK or Qt SDK.
    I already tried with these packages from actual
    Qt Online Installer for Linux 32-bit (23 MB)
    Qt 5.3.0 for Android (Linux 32-bit, 515 MB)
    I did not find any Qt Simulator.
    Anyway. i can run the MaintenanceTool and the its packagemanager.

    Is the Qr Simulator still usable or is it substituted by the emulator stuff ?
    Is there an additional repo i must add ?

  • Moderators

    Qt Simulator comes from old Nokia SDK, works only for Nokia Symbian devices, and is not part of Qt Project.

    If you want to develop for Android, just download the Qt for Android package, and (if you don't have it) Android SDK and NDK (this can be done directly from within Qt Creator). Android simulator is included in the SDK.

    Any tutorial referring to Qt and Nokia is outdated and unlikely to work anymore.

  • bq. Any tutorial referring to Qt and Nokia is outdated and unlikely to work anymore.

    Yes, this is the line missing out there.

    I can use the Android sdk emulators but not able to emulate
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 .
    Is it possible that this emulator does not work for me, because
    Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) is not available for
    Linux (yet ?). Same question for Google USB Driver ?
    My test app runs nice on real device but not in emulator.
    (crashes with OpenGL errors (?).

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    I have not tried that, so I don't know. Maybe you are missing some OpenGL drivers? Try installing mesa or proprietary driver from your GPU vendor.

  • All already done, no idea whats up, so i guess a missing
    x86 driver for linux in the SDK. But not sure.
    Also do not know how to check.

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