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Problem Reading from stdin in Qt Creator 3.1.1 in Application Output Window

  • Hi,

    Background: I'm on OS X 10.9.3 with Qt Creator 3.1.1 (both the version that comes with the SDK download, and one I compiled from source) and Qt 5.3. In my previous install before I upgraded, I could write to and read from stdout and stdin just fine in the Application Output Window inside Qt Creator. However, now with the latest version, I can write to stdout, but it appears that reading from stdin isn't working. I've tried both cin from the iostream header and using a QTextStream object. I'm no expert in Qt, so that may have not been the best thing to use to test stdin, but it is what my research turned up. I've tried both versions (cin and the QTextStream connected to stdin) with the Plain C++ Project Template and the Qt Console Application Template in the New Project menu. Still no luck. Is anyone having similar issues? Anyone know a workaround or fix? (I know that running in terminal is an option, but its somewhat annoying since the terminal window doesn't close when the app terminates... at least that's not the way it is working for me).

    Thanks in advance for any help you might have,

    Follow up: I just remembered that I didn't mention this: everything works just fine when I launch in a terminal rather than using the Application Output Window.

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