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[SOLVED] QWebview frame resizing

  • I have a QWebView that gets fed html pages to display. Some of these HTML pages have suddenly started using frames (let us party like it's 1999 :) ). When the html file is viewed in a standard browser, the frame is resizeable (i.e. dragable, left to right - it's a single frame, splitting the page vertically in two). In the QWebView widget, it is not. This is bad.

    It does have a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the left frame, so a user can scroll to see everything, and expanding/shrinking the entire QWebView seems to alter the size of the two frames proportionately. It's like in the QWebView, the frames are fixed proportions, but in a standard browser, they are not (kind of - in Opera, the frame boundary is visible and draggable, in Firefox it's invisible but still draggable, and in the QWebView it's invisible and not draggable).

    Is there some setting I'm missing to enable the frame boundary to be dragged in the QWebView, or is this some limitation of the QWebView (or even some issue with the html page, and the test browser is smoothing over some edges that the simpler QWeb View doesn't?)?

    Edit: I speak no HTML. I understand that the <frameset> section of the source concerns this sort of thing. Is it possible that there's something in that being interpreted one way by the browser (i.e. allow resizing) and another way by the QWebView? There is also a css file which does contain the word "framebox", so maybe that's involved too :(

  • Just for closure, I'm pretty sure it turned out to be this bug:

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