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Way to filter/search ListView contents

  • I looking for an elegant way to filter ListView contents by text in TextInput (as in Android contacts).

    My current suggestions:

    1. Changing visible property of delegate.
      That should have good perfomance, but ListView reserves space for empty delegates, and user see empty fields, need to hide non-visible delegates somehow.
    2. Using two ListModel instances. First instance stores full set of data, second stores filtered subset, view connected to second. That method have high memory and processor time costs: each time when filter expression changes we need to clear second model then fill it again with new subset of data.

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    This is a job for QSortFilterProxyModel. Attach your ListView to the proxy model, not the original model.

  • Yeah, QSortFilterProxyModel exactly for that task, but currently i sticked to QML ListModel, don't know maybe its possible to connect QSortFilterProxyModel to ListModel.

    Maybe someone have suggestions on how implement that with QML/JS?

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    Sorry, my brain wasn't working properly -- I completely missed the fact that you're working in QML.

    Anyway, does this help?:

    (I Googled "QML filter model")

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