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PySide Installer on Windows

  • Because pip wasn't working for me, I downloaded the PySide tar.gz to install PySide on Windows (if it matter, in a virtualenv). While installing I run into the following error (where "First Last" is substituted for my name in my user account):<code>
    CMake Error at C:/Users/First Last/Desktop/PySide-1.2.2/pyside_install/py2.7-qt4.8.6-32bit-release/lib/cmake/Shiboken-1.2.2/ShibokenConfig.cmake:5 (include):

    include could not find load file:




    In ShibokenConfig.cmake, line 5 is:
    include(C:/Users/First Last/Desktop/PySide-1.2.2/pyside_install/py2.7-qt4.8.6-32bit-release/lib/cmake/Shiboken-1.2.2/ShibokenConfig

    Note that the path is being truncated because my user name (i.e. "First Last" has a space in it). It looks like the ShibokenConfig.cmake file is being created without quote-enclosing the path. Obviously, I could get around this by moving the install files, but I figured I'd save future users the hassle and report it.

    If there is a better place for this (i.e. as an issue on a repo), please point me in the right direction.

  • Doesn't actually work with pip and easy_install as suggested "here":

    And I am still using the old installer for windows. Hope this will be fixed.

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