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Window frame

  • I have a grid view setup to show 4 views. I use two splitters to allow each of the 4 views to be re-sized independently. That all works well. But i have this border on the left hand side that i don't seem to be able to remove. I want to remove the border and make it so that the user cannot drag the view from that side also. I have tried setting the QFrame width to 0 with no luck. Any ideas appreciated.

  • @Adding a diagram to help visualize the problem as i cant work out how to insert picture into the forum post

    | View1 | View2 |

    View3 View4


    The left side of the grid (left of View1 & View 3) is currently drag-able which i don't want. I only want user to be able to drag from the (x) in the center of the views (which works fine)


  • You can post image via any( "free": ) image hostings.

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