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UDP data packet cannot be received

  • Just designed a program which use UDPSocket to receive UDP packets and display the data. At the beginning, the program developed under Ubuntu, it works fine. Then I copied the source codes to Windows 7 desktop without any modification, recompiled and it also works fine. Then I copied the .exe file from windows 7 to a laptop with windows XP, the GUI interface displayed correctly when exe file was running under windows XP, only programs is that it does not display any info from UDP packet. Looks like it did not receive any UDP packet. When I checked the UDP packet with WireShark under windows XP, WireShark captured all UDP packets correctly. Does any one knows what could possible be wrong? thanks for help.

  • Firewall?

  • Hi (just guessing) or it can be "an old XP error": due to renumbering/mismatch of UDP constants like IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, if you included Winsock.h you got 5, if you included Ws2tcpip.h you got 12 :-(

  • Is it broadcast message?

  • Thanks everyone.

    For the firewall, I even uninstalled the AVG software and disabled windows firewall, still not working.

    For the header file, I do not know which one is included, I just include QUDPSocket

    It is not a broadcast message, messages is sent to fix address and port 49166

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