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QProcess launches application in the background on MAC 10.6

  • Dear all,

    When I use QProcess to start one application it is started in the background with to dock icon bouncing. The started application's window is under all other started applications.

    But on Windows, It's normal.

  • Well, have you tried "open [package dir]"?

  • No, I only start the app. There are two application, GUI) and UICaller(CLI). In
    @void main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    if(argc == 1)
    QProcess process;
    QString strAppName(/../UICaller);
    bool bRet = process.startDetached(strAppName);
    In UICaller , Elevation of privilege, and use "exec" to start
    [quote author="unclewerner" date="1299660443"]Well, have you tried "open [package dir]"?[/quote]

  • Then the problem is within your UICaller. It needs to open the app package (not just exec it!). You can try this from the command line using "open <package>" compared to simply calling the executable within the package. There is a difference here on Mac. Although I'm not sure how it behaves when you open an app as a different user.

  • Thanks, I'm try it

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