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QtWebKit build error

  • Hello everyone,

    I have an "Invalid argument" error when I want to build QtWebKit on Windows.

    @(...) -I"C:\gnuwin32\include" -I"C:\icu\icu\dist\include" -I"." -I"C:\qt-5.3.0\qtbase\mkspecs\win32-g++" -o .obj\release\sqlite3.o C:\qt-5.3.0\qtbase\src\3rdparty\sqlite\sqlite3.c
    gcc: error: IC:\qt-5.3.0\qtwebkit\Source\WebCore\rendering\svg: Invalid argument@

    I checked the path "C:\qt-5.3.0\qtwebkit\Source\WebCore\rendering\svg" and it is correct.

    Do you have a solution ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I found the solution :

    This line
    @ -I"C:\qt-5.3.0\qtwebkit\Source\WebCore\rendering\style" @ in Makefile.WebCore.Target.Release file was the cause of the error.

    I deleted this line, compiled the sqlite3.cpp file, reinserted it and it resolved the problem.

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