QtScriptEngine Required for QWebFrame, QWebHitTestResult, etc?

  • Hello,

    I've run into an issue when I attempt to incorporate some header files.

    a few notes up front:
    --building from source using qtembeded
    --using precompiled headers
    --have a lot of modules disabled (including QtScript)

    So I've got a QWebView derivative class I was working with and I wanted to extend some of the functionality, namely mousePressEvent. Now mind you, before I started doing this, my code was building fine with no problems. So once I re-implemented this function for my QWebFrame child class, I needed to include a few new headers (QWebFrame, QWebHitTestResult). Well, when I included those headers, my code wouldn't compile because qwebframe.cpp was looking for QtScript/qscriptengine.h.

    I since QtScript was disabled, it didn't have/include any of those headers on the install.

    It turns out that qwebframe wasn't even using QScriptEngine except for an enum... So I just put in an #ifdef to include either <QtScript/qscriptengine.h> or a QScriptEngine struct with the enum that QWebFrame wanted. I also discovered the same problem in qt_instance.h that needed a similar fix.

    Is there any way around this, or is this something that is slated for the next release to fix?

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