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[closed] (by author 'cause unproductive) please admin possibly delete that thread if as I, you think it's useless

  • I can't understand the differences between qmake (in terminal) generated makefile and QtCreator's one..
    Well it would be so long to explain so i made a video which explain all. Just i forgot to point out in it that i was using a buildHere folder just because QtCreator's Makefile is supposed to be in a different folder than source
    whatever the video shows it all and as my code is open source you can test that weird behavior by yourself :)
    ty for your time and maybe your explanations...

    Here's the video link

  • The invocation of qmake by Creator is controlled via build settings in the Projects tab. Click the details button next to the qmake build step, and look for "Effective qmake call:".

  • I guess u didn't watch the video... I know what qtcreator did i even made a diff on both makefiles...
    Please don't answer this question unless you watch the video. Else I will spend my time answering people "u don't answer my question..."
    I made a video it was a little long to edit so I don't want to reexplain each time someone troll here..
    sry "troll" was a strong word but please don't answer randomly
    whatever ty for your time

  • I watched a few seconds of the video, and came to the conclusion that it's not a very effective way of explaining the issue. The assumption that I read at the speed the text was displayed broke down quickly. It's also questionable etiquette to use one forum to redirect to another.

    Looking at the subject of the thread, "Strange behavior with X11 deployment", it's not apparent that there's a connection to the text of the initial post or the video.

    bq. I can’t understand the differences between qmake (in terminal) generated makefile and QtCreator’s one..

    This appears to ask a question, so I provided information to help you, or anyone else, answer that question for the themselves.

    bq. as my code is open source you can test that weird behavior by yourself

    Providing a name and location for your software is useful if you expect someone to take this offer. If the goal is to find an answer, giving a minimal example that reproduces the problem will likely garner more appropriate responses. Doing so displays a respect for the time others invest in understanding and responding.

  • Well cause the question is not simple but you can eventually resume it at the diff between the two makefiles
    The video is made to answer all question that can emerge like which qt version which architecture...
    and there's a strong connection between the subject of the thread and the text of the video. If u know qtcreator, x11 and deployment (and building from src package which is a common task for linux user) this link is obvious... You say it's not apparent, I can only redirect you to this page : this will make the link between these elements more clear for you.
    Whatever I can't formulate the question simply as i don't understand the problem, that's why i made that step by step video...

    whatever i didn't want to aggress you intialy my point was just :
    if you're too lazy to read and take the time to understand the question, don't answer it. Cause it won't help it will just make that thread less clear

    PS The minimal exemple would be hard to provide quickly as many object are inter-dependent and necessary for the zoom to happen. But if you watch the video you'll understand the fundemental question isn't about the source but about the building process..(make qmake)

  • I'm unclear how any video is going to be faster than:

    Qt version: <version>
    Creator version: <version>
    Platform: XCB (I'm guessing)
    Problem 1: The makefile generated via creator differs from the one generated by qmake on the command line.
    Problem 2: The application does <X>, depending on the build method used.

    Providing a link to documentation is good! Particularly when it's likely to be long lived. Even if you get your answer quickly, the forum posts stay around and may help someone else in the future.

    That said, I disagree that the documentation linked connects to anything I've seen discussed here. That page discusses:

    • building Qt in static and dynamic library modes
    • getting Qt and the application onto the target system
    • dealing with external Qt dependencies
    • dealing with Qt plugins

    That said, I'm seeing a trend toward insults that suggests that my time isn't valued in this conversation. Hopefully some of the comments will lead to more effective use of the forum. It's long, but is informative. In particular, Volume is not precision.

  • ok dude,

    I won't argue anymore; u want to explain me u're right to answer a question u didn't fully read or understood; so Ok you're right that the good way to answer people...

    Once again, i didn't intend to insult you. It's just when u're used to ask in forums (and i am, so if i could make the question simple i would have done it, the video is the quicker way to describe the problem if you disagree just try to describe me the whole video in a few line; and i will tell you what video shows out and that you did forgot in your explanation.) The video is annoted so it's not a lasy way to ask I spent time to make it clear and as short as possible (yes it implies you must pause on the first text, other ones are readable without pausing...)

    So sorry if I get a little aggressive, but i just can't understand how I can meet people like you, on programming forum.
    Coding requires scientific rigour which isn't the quality of someone who answer questions without even reading them... (IMHO it's even one of the biggest sign that the person has no rigour at all)
    So I get a little bored by that kind of "I just don't care of your question, but I will answer anyway 'cause I'm active on this forum"

    If you ask once a month "what time is it ? " in the street
    and if 10% of the time the guy you asked answer you "2nd on the left" or "blue like the sky"; you just laugh and explain him this has nothing to deal with your question

    But i f you ask that 10th time a day; you might get less and les patient with people not able to understand or pay attention to your question. And you will finally prefer people who ignore you than people who answer you a random useless answer.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions

    And now I will have to close that thread (dunno if they speak about that in your smart-questions or even if they wrote a smart-answer section but whatever this thread tend to be a chat now so i'll close it)

    PS Sorry for spelling or even incoorect sentences, english isn't my mother tongue

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