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What's needed with Qt5.3 to make an .exe file?

  • Ok, I'm totally new to Qt. I downloaded Qt 5.3 the other day and have been trying QtCreator and reading and reading and reading ever since. I wrote one of the simple programs from a Youtube tutorial and built and ran it. I named it "TEST1". Works fine in Qt Creator. HOWEVER, I'd like to make it a stand alone .exe type program. First, I find no program anywhere named TEST1.exe. Second, after research reading all the various pages, it looks like I need more programs, or plugins, or something added to Qt 5.3.

    Is anyone aware of documentation that is understandable to a NEWBEE that covers 5.3 and what I need and how and where it goes to do what I'd like. This looks like a fantastic development program, but so far I'm going crazy with all the program and plugin names and BINS and folders, and not knowing what they are, or where they go, or if I even need them with the new version of Qt!!!

    HELP!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Take a look to:
    "Qt for Windows - Deployment":
    "Deploy an Application on Windows":

  • qxoz,
    Thanks! Will give it a read and try tomorrow when my eyes un-cross!! Been tryin' all day and can't see straight!

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