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GUI game help needed

  • Here is my question, its a technical problem so am trying to simplify it as much as possible. So what I am trying to do might sound a bit weird.

    Here is image that is needed for following explanation.

    I want to use GUI to create a 2D game with grid of points. Now in that grid, I have some existing data point.( light green) and rest are missing ( not shown but one of the example missing point is shown in orange). Now I want to fill up all the missing data points by using a few light green points. Default case is the 4 light green points shown by arrows at the intersection of the arrows and the red and blue lines. Lets say I select a missing data point it should turn orange or red and all the light green data points corresponding to that should become dark green. Now I should be able to toggle between light and dark green data points and customize a set for each missing data point. I want to do this for all missing data points one by one.

    Lets say that this is the game I want to build in python GUI. I wanted to ask if anyone can help me get started. I use python a lot but never did any GUI. I looked up web GUI examples they all seem quite simplistic and no where as complex. Python is what I am comfortable with but if this can be done using some other language I am willing to try.

  • I have written a simple 2D game with Qt + PyQt and found that Python and Qt works together really well. PySide in another option for Python bindings, you may want to do some research and choose the one that suits for your needs.

    Basic gist is to start QApplication, show a window (QMainWindow in my case) and start the event loop that will start responding to user event (mouse, keyboard and such). It's been a while, since I worked on that part, but if you want to have a look, it's here:

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