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Export display with OpenGL and Vertex Buffers

  • Hello !
    I'm currently developping an application using OpenGL and Vertex Buffers. I began with the boxes demo and modified it until it did what I wanted. Now, my problem is that I MUST export the display on an other computer. But when I do it... the X server crashes.
    I tried with all demos and example programs and found out that boxes was the only one who crashed the served every time, even with QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=opengl.
    After comparing the code of many demos, I also found that boxes is the only one using shaders and VertexBuffers.

    So I deleted all the shaders, but it does not work better, so I think this MIGHT be because of the Vertex Buffers. Do you guys know anything about it ? Is there any way to draw 3D objects without Vertex Buffers and with the same performances ? Is it even possible to export the display when drawing 3D ?

    My 2 computers are on CentOS 5

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