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Problems with graphics after deploying a QT application in a windows XP machine

  • Morning community.
    I have some problems after deploying a QT application in another machine.
    I've built a QT application up with an intensive use of Graphics (QImage).
    The application runs well in the machine where I built up the application. The application shows graphics perfectly.
    The main QT class used to show graphics is QImage.
    After deploying this application in another machine (XP Home Edition) the graphics don't appear.
    I've copied in the main directory Q4GUI.dll and Q4Core.dll, but....
    Probably I'm missing something probably related with OpenGl libraries, but I don't find any reference in any forum or guide.
    Can please someone advise me?

    Thanks a lot.

  • -you have to deploy the "C:\Qt\plugins\imageformats" dir with a lot of dll's.
    -you should create a "qt.conf" file in your application's dir, where "plugins" points to the parent dir of "imageformats" (you just copied) relative from the app's path:



  • Thanks so much sir!!
    I'll try this afternoon the solution.
    I'll keep your posted.

  • Finally it worked perfectly!.
    Thanks so much for your support.

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