QtIFW on-line: Cannot access Updates.xml in repository

  • I'm using QtIFW 1.5 to create an on-line installer. I've created the repository packages using repogen and uploaded the created directory to the server. When I run the installer, I get the following error:

    Could not fetch Updates.xml from repository: <repository url>. Error: Error downloading <repository url>/Updates.xml?423175335 - server replied: Not Acceptable.

    However, if I enter <repository url>/Updates.xml into a web browser, the xml file is displayed.

    Any ideas as to what could be making the installer unhappy?

  • Update: I discussed this problem with our hosting company, and they suggested setting the mime type: application/xml in the server settings. I did that, but no joy.

    Since I don't know what the http query is, I can't really figure out why the server is complaining. I looked through the source code and found where the downloader was being setup, but couldn't find anything related to the actual server query.


  • SOLVED: The problem turned out to be a configuration issue on the server.

  • Could you please elaborate on those server settings? I am having the exact same issue on my shared host (hostmonster).


  • The problem had to do with the MIME type settings (this was also on Hostmonster). From the C-Panel login in the Advanced section, select Mime Types. Create a user mime type of application/xml with extension .xml.

    There may be other problems. I worked with their help desk to get it resolved - I thought there was some MIME type default that needed to be removed, but I forget.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the info! I tried adding the application/xml mime type with the xml extension, both with and without the dot. It still doesn't work.

    I will try to get through their support and have it resolved that way, but I think this is something to address in QTIFW in the future. Or is hostmonster the only hosting solution that has problems with this?

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