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Migration issue

  • I recently upgraded a project to Qt 5.3, now I don't have a working debug build. It jumps to the debugger and crashes with the following "text": It happens towards the bottom at ERROR: Process Crashed, ERROR: CDB Crashed. No clue whats causing it, happens before the application even starts.

    I'm currently on Windows 7, using Qt 5.3 64bit with OpenGL. Heres a "screen": of the kit setup.

    I also tried installing multiple Windows SDK packages from links provided from the Qt "setting up a debugger" page and various stack overflow questions. Still not having any luck. If anyone has any thoughts I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • is this your own program or any Qt official examples?

    I recently updated my os from win8 to win8.1 and I had similar problem.

    mine was caused by not being able to find dlls.

    the dll files used to be in buildFolder, now I have to move them to buildFolder/Debug

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